About the comic

Nix of Nothing is the story of Nix, a demigod, who was given the opportunity to live however they wish. But with some unknown divine force targeting them, their life has suddenly become a lot less free. Now they need to travel across a strange land full of danger and mystery to try and find peace once again.

Updates every Monday, (Sunday Night 8 PM Pacific, 11 PM Eastern)

LGBT+ Friendly: The main character Nix (and the author) are both non-binary, and the comic will also feature many more LGBTQ characters!

Content: This an action adventure comic that contains violence and blood.

New Readers: If you're new to the comic, you can begin reading from Page 1 by clicking here!

Created By: M. Lee Lunsford

Edited By: Reimena Yee

About the author

M. Lee Lunsford, also known as Moz, is a non-binary comic book artist and writer. They’ve created multiple web comics including Supernormal Step (which ran for 9 years) and Speak of the Devil. You can find out more about them through their twitter @MLeeLunsford and at MLeeLunsford.com

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